Revelation 532 Crime Scene Laser

Laser Innovations' Revelation 532 Crime scene laser

The Revelation 532 Crime Scene Laser has earned a place in history as the world's first five watt fully portable scene of crime laser.

Ergonomically designed with collaboration from London's Metropolitan Police and the Home Office Scientific Development Branch in the UK, the Revelation laser provides unsurpassed ease of use as a fluorescence examination light source.

Operating at a wavelength of 532nm, the laser will fluoresce untreated or treated surfaces.

The laser will help discover fingerprints, fibres, bone fragments and other evidence at the crime scene. Light and easy to manoeuvre, the laser has the option of mains or battery operation.

Safety features include a 'dead man's finger' operation, trigger guard, and emergency cut-off interlock.

It all fits neatly into a robust durable case with integral wheels and handle.